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Sir is in class right now. He just sent me a message he will be home at 3 and would like the sex. He also mentioned he was feeling dirty and so it was going to be rough.

In preparation, I have washed all the dishes and cleaned up the living room. I’ve made the bed and tidied up the bedroom.

I have taken off my clothes and neatly folded them on the table next to the bed.

I’ve put on my collar and my nipple clamps. Sir won’t be here for another 45 min.

Any suggestions on what else I can do for him?

Updates updates updates!

Dearest followers! We finally have some updates for you, and with that hopefully a return to some more regular posting :-)

-Sir and I are finally married! We tied the knot this past Friday :-D Sad face moment, due to my monthly cycle we were not able to have quite the wedding night we should have, but we did get to spend some really nice time in our hotel room Jacuzzi :-)

-Saturday Sir and I moved in to our apartment together!

-Sunday we spent a good deal of time getting organized

-Monday night Sir let me tie him up and blindfold him wile I got to touch him! It was nice, I loved watching his face, but we both agreed that was more my thing than his

-Tuesday I had my wisdom teeth removed! It went well, but I can’t open my mouth fully, eat hot or hard foods, or use a straw.

-Wednesday Sir woke me up with some really nice sex from behind. I missed how his big cock felt inside of me :-)

-Wednesday night I got to put on the outfit I bought for our wedding night but didn’t wear (I would have felt bad teasing him and not being able to go farther) sir really liked it! I also got to wear my collar again!

Then I had some maintenance punishment with the brushes, because it had been so long since I’d been punished at all. We had new brushes since the old ones got lost. This time it wasn’t just makeup brushes though. Sir also had some paintbrushes and it was really hard to decide which was worse, the tiny brushes that pinpointed spots or the big brushes that covered a wider area!

Sir followed it up with some really nice aftercare in the form of sex in which I really got to feel how big and awesome he is, to the point where I was just so overcome with everything that I started crying (this is not the first time it’s happened, and I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing?)

Anyway, Sir is now back at work in the library all day and I haven’t started working yet so I’m going to be sending him stuff all!

Feel free to ask us anything or submit ideas/pictures to us!

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